How a Sunroom Can Help Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Among the numerous benefits provided by a sunroom, one of the less obvious – but still significant – ones is the how a sunroom can help lower your carbon footprint.

With the world moving in an environmentally conscious direction, and with Alberta’s (and soon to be national) carbon tax placing additional cost on energy, many people are looking for ways to reduce not their energy usage. Luckily, a sunroom provides an opportunity to be both environmentally conscious while reducing your overall carbon use.

Save Money With a Sunroom!

It’s true- a sunroom is a great investment in relaxation and your home’s value. Enjoy a warm, efficient space with a sunroom from Desert Sun Patios! Get a no-nonsense quote.

A Sunroom is a Versatile, Multi-Purpose Space

The beauty of a sunroom is that it can be designed, customized, and built to meet your needs. If you’re seeking a three-season sunroom, we can build one exactly as you intend; if you’re seeking a year-round addition to your home, we can build your sunroom to meet all codes tied to insulation, energy use, HVAC, and more.

In other words, when creating the sunroom you’ve been dreaming about, we can design it to meet your needs exactly.

Versatility in design and construction are big perks, yes, but so too is the versatility in its use (this is especially true of a four-season sunroom).

Natural Light Provides a Multi-Use Space

Thanks to the generous sunlight that Calgary receives (over 2,350 hours per year, one of the highest amounts in Canada!), a sunroom truly becomes a multi-use space.

  • Dry your clothes in your sunroom – As convenient as dryers are, they are also big energy users. It takes a fair bit of energy to heat, circulate, and vent the air used to dry your clothes. In place of a dryer, why not hang your clothes on a drying rack in your sunroom? With the ample sunlight your clothes will dry much faster than you think (the same is true even on overcast days).
  • Use your sunroom as an indoor garden – Calgarians are big on their gardens (thanks to a short growing season and ample sunlight). What if you could extend your growing season, grow a larger variety of plants, and enjoy the benefits that they offer? Well, inside your sunroom, you can!
  • Warm up inside your sunroom – Many Calgarians turn on their natural gas fireplace when they’re cold. Hey, we get it- two or three-week long cold-snaps don’t do it for us, either. However, the ambient temperature inside a sunroom can be several degrees warmer than the rest of your home. Instead of turning on your fireplace, why not spend some time basking in the sun? In addition to helping you warm up, you’ll also feel better- the exposure to the sun helps your body create vitamin D, which is essential in your emotional well-being.

These are just three examples of how you can use your sunroom, but there are countless others. After all, it’s your room to enjoy and utilize as you wish!

Our Four-Season Sunrooms Are Well Insulated & Prepared for Calgary’s Climate

One of the things we’re very proud of is how efficiently designed and built our sunrooms are. You can learn more about how we build our three and four-season sunrooms here. A brief summary:

  • Properly insulated – We use solid-core foam insulation, one of the most efficient types available, to line the walls of our four-season sunrooms.
  • Energy efficient windows – We use dual-glazed Cardinal 272 low-e glass that include a layer of trapped argon gas between panes (adding to their energy efficiency).
  • Energy efficient construction – We ensure the insulative-readiness of a sunroom by following a methodical construction process that meets all appropriate codes and minimizes air/heat loss. This includes all aspect of the sunroom, from the walls to the roof.

Don’t forget that your sunroom will passively increase the temperature of your home- it’s a natural byproduct of the sunroom’s glass warming the air inside. This is true even on overcast days, as UV rays that warm the glass panels easily pass through cloud cover.

We Will Build Your Sunroom to Suit Your Requirements

If you want to double-up on insulation, beef up waterproofing, or go to town in other areas, we’re here. We’ove built hundreds of sunrooms for homeowners all across Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, and other surrounding communities.

And, as always, don’t forget to pay us a visit and check out our indoor showroom.