Pergola Photo Gallery

A pergola is an excellent way to dress up your yard or add flair to your patio. Have a look at just a few of the pergolas and hybrid pergolas we’ve installed over the years!

Over the past 15+ years we’ve built hundreds of pergolas for Calgarian homeowners. In addition, we’ve sent ready-to-built pergola kits to addresses all over Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Below is a gallery of pergola’s that we’ve built. If you’re looking for a great contractor to build your pergola, please consider Desert Sun Patios!

Outdoor Aluminum Railings Photo Gallery

Aluminum railings are durable and will withstand Calgary’s “weather”. Check out some of the railings we’ve installed!

Aluminum railings are a finishing detail that really bring a superior level of polish and presentation to a deck or patio. We have installed aluminum railings for many Calgarian homeowners, and we have shipped ready-to-build DIY kits all over Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

If you are considering adding new railings to your deck or patio, we hope you consider Desert Sun Patios!

Patio Cover Photo Gallery

Patio covers are a great way to give your patio some privacy and protection from the elements. Have a look at a few of the hundreds of patio covers we’ve installed all over Calgary!

In a climate that receives more than its fair share of hail, patio covers from Desert Sun Patios truly shine. Not only do they bring comfort and shade to your patio, but they provide excellent protection from rain, snow, and hail.

With an aluminum patio cover from Desert Sun Patios, you can enjoy being outdoors without needing to experience weather.

Screen Room Photo Gallery

Screen rooms are a great way to enjoy fresh air… without the bugs! Check out this small sampling of some of the hundreds of screen rooms we’ve installed over the years.

Experiencing fresh air is a joy in a screen room. Build yours how you want it- fully vented, enclosed, or otherwise. This gallery is an example of some of the screen rooms that we’ve built, though there are many more we can’t show here!

We’ve installed hundreds of screen rooms in homes all over Calgary, and we’ve shipped ready-to-build screen room kits all over Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Sunroom Photo Gallery

Just a small sample of the hundreds of Sunrooms we’ve built!

At Desert Sun Patios, we’ve spent more than 15 years providing Calgarians a superior sunroom package. Our sunrooms are high-quality, made to last, and look great.

Below is a gallery of just some of the hundreds of sunrooms we’ve installed in homes all over Calgary. We’ve also shipped hundreds of ready-to-build sunroom kits to addresses in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.