The deck off our master bedroom was rotting and needed to be replaced. I had a couple of sunroom companies come to take a look and give me a quote. It was obvious from the beginning that Desert Sun cared about customer service. Everyone – Blake, Bob, Mike, office staff – was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Construction was done last winter (January/February). Mike, the installer, kept working despite the cold weather. At all times during, as well as after installation the site was left clean. The company installing the flooring after completion of sunroom had questions I couldn’t answer. When I asked Blake his response was give me their number I’ll talk to them. The company installing blinds had questions – when I asked Bob he said – I’ll talk to them. Both of those companies later mentioned to me how helpful Blake & Bob were. It has been over six months since the Sunroom was completed, two days ago I got a call from Desert Sun asking if I had any concerns – we have recently had strong winds in Calgary and noticed that when the windows were opened they rattled a bit. I mentioned this and two days later Bob was over fixing the problem. Desert Sun is an excellent company, their customer service is beyond reproach – I highly recommend them.