Beautiful Custom Sunrooms

Made Right Here in Calgary.

How Would a Sunroom Transform Your Home?

Calgarians know to take advantage of their patio when they get the chance. Summer happens so fast… are you wondering where it went? A custom designed sunroom brings summer back to you… year round!

Let the exterior renovation experts at Desert Sun Patios create your dream sunroom.

Your Outdoor Renovation Experts

As experienced outdoor renovation contractors, we know Calgary’s climate, terrain, and construction process more than just about anyone.

With more than 15 years of experience serving homeowners like you, be assured that our designers, builders, and tradespeople understand your needs.

Enjoy Calgary’s Ample Sunlight

Calgary is one of few places in Canada blessed with tons of Sun. Even in the dead of winter, Calgary remains one of Canada’s sunniest cities.

A custom sunroom by our talented designers and builders brings the warmth of the Sun to the comfort of your home.

Summer Might be Gone, but the Sun’s Not

Winter in September? Snow in July?

Not in your new sunroom, it isn’t! Have a look at what’s sure to be your new favourite room in the house.


Custom Made For You

Day Average Turnaround

Amazing Result

Research Shows That a Sunroom Improves Home Satisfaction By 1,000%*

For Calgarians stricken with another case of the “winter in October” blues, a sunroom is just what the doctor ordered. Get your vitamin D fix while kicking back and relaxing- doctors orders!

A sunroom brings more than a cure for the blues…

You can do so many things with a sunroom!

  • Count the stars in the sky – In heated comfort, of course.
  • Ponder in the rain – Without getting wet.
  • Meet Jack Frost – And leave him outside.

No matter what you’ll use your sunroom for, there’s one thing we know for certain: you’ll be glad you have one.

*According to us.

We Think Outdoor Renovations Are a Real Riot.

Yep, There’s Nothing Prettier Than
a Pergola.

You Might Even Say

Okay, puns aren’t our thing. Fair enough. We’ll stick to:

Screen Rooms

Keep the bugs out, bring the rest of nature in. A screen room is a great way to enjoy Calgary’s mountain air… without the mosquitos that comes with it.

Patio Covers

Enjoy your patio, rain or shine, with one of our sturdy aluminum patio covers.


Create beautiful entranceways, versatile accents, and unique landscape features. A pergola makes your home stand out.

Let’s Work Together.

If you’re ready to work with a team of dedicated professionals to make your new sunroom, screen room, pergola, or other outdoor renovation project come alive, let’s talk!

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