Patio Covers

All of our covers are manufactured with heavy duty aluminum components, featuring a baked-on primer coat and a baked-on finish coat. The combination of heavy duty aluminum coated with baked on paint, results in maintenance-free structures that look as good twenty years from now, as they do today. Contact us!


Choose a Roof

  • W-Pan
  • V-Pan (Strongest non-insulated cover – can span up to 18 ft. long)
  • Flat Pan (Cedar Embossed Ceiling)
  • Lexan
  • Insulated Roof Panels


Choose Skylight Type (optional)

  • Lexan
  • Bronze  (more golden)
  • Opaque (more whitish)
  • Glass Skylight – Only Available for Insulated Roof Panels


Choose a Hybrid Pergola Trim (optional)

  • Mitered End
  • Scalloped End

Patio Cover FAQ

How much does a patio cover cost?

The cost of a patio cover depends first on the size of the cover, which is usually the same size as your deck. Other than size, options for roof types, skylights and pergola trims also affect the cost. We recommend getting a free estimate and taking a look at different patio cover options in our showroom as well!

  • Basic patio cover (10’x10′ minimum, W-Pan Roof) starts from $2999
  • Deluxe patio cover with an all-skylight roof (10’x10′ minimum, Lexan Hybrid Roof) starts from $5999

*due to COVID-19 effects on supply chains, the above prices are higher than usual

What is the difference between a V-Pan and a Flat Pan Cover?

V-Pan is a more traditional Patio Cover. V-Pan covers have been used for many years with various V-type configurations.

Flat Pan is a New, Cedar Embossed cover. It is molded to look like a wooden 2×4.

What is the difference between the opaque Lexan material and the bronze Lexan?

The difference is largely aesthetic. The bronze has a more golden finish to it, while the opaque has a more glass-like appearance. We recommend the opaque for people who live in neighborhoods with many berry bushes around (Birds eat the berries and then “decorate” the lights.) There is virtually no difference in the filtration of light through either style.

What are the benefits of a Patio Cover in comparison to those of a Pergola?

Pergolas are typically installed as a means of providing partial shade and cooling deck/yard-space. They do not protect from the elements as effectively as Patio Covers. The two are aesthetically different as well, though both provide a unique space for hanging plants.

How long does it take to install?

All Desert Sun Patios installations are weather dependent, but estimated installation time for a patio cover is approximately 2-3 days.

Are there any upgrades or accessories for a patio cover?

If you have a Desert Sun Patios patio cover, we can upgrade it with screens* such as those from our screen rooms. Either add a single screen wall to block the wind from one direction, or turn your patio into a screen room!

Please inquire for details.

*requires site inspection to confirm availability.

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