Three and Four-Season Sunrooms

Our quality sunrooms are an exceptionally wise investment choice for any homeowner. They provide additional, space, light and warmth for your home. We have been told by our realtor friends, that you can expect a 60% to 70% return on your original investment when you put a sunroom addition on your home. Add value to your home and request your free sunroom estimate today!

What is a sunroom?

Sunroom Options

Choose a Sunroom Type

  • All Season (Thermally Divided Walls with Dual Glazed Argon Filled Low-E Glass)
  • Three Season (Non-Thermally Divided Walls with Singe Glazed Glass)


Choose a Roof Shape

  • Studio Roof (Flat)
  • Gable Roof (A-Frame).


Choose a Roof Option

  • Solid Roof
  • 3“ Thick
  • 4“ Thick
  • 6“ Thick
  • Roof with Skylights


Solid Roofs are constructed of: Laminated Roof Panels that are made with expanded Polystyrene foam cores. The foam panels are covered with tempered aluminium stress-skins. The roof panels snap together tightly creating a solid strong weather protective surface. Build your dream space!


 Choose a Sunroom Wall Option

  • All Glass Walls
  • Solid Bottom Kicks
  • 2“ Thick Polystyrene Foam Wall Panel for 3 Season Room
  • 3“ Thick Polystyrene Foam Wall Panel for All Season Room



We also provide the largest selection of 3 Season Sunrooms in Southern Alberta. Our focus is to bring you quality products at an affordable price for all budgets!


3-Season Sunroom Roof Options (from highest to lowest price)

  • Top-of-the-line insulated roof panel
  • All lexan patio cover panels
  • V-pan patio cover and lexan skylights
  • V-pan patio cover
  • W-pan patio cover and lexan skylight
  • W-pan patio cover roof panels

We also provide the choice of a solid bottom or glass from top to bottom!

Sunroom FAQ

How much does a sunroom cost?

The cost of a sunroom depends first on the size of the room. The next largest factor is whether you choose an all-season (4-season) sunroom or a 3-season sunroom. Other than size and season, options for roof types, skylights and windows/walls also affect the cost. We recommend getting a free estimate and taking a look at different sun room options in our showroom as well!

  • Basic all-season sunroom (10’x10′ minimum, W-Pan Roof) starts from $20,999

How long does it take to install?

All Desert Sun Patios installations are weather dependent, but estimated installation time for a sunroom is approximately 1 week (takes 4-10 days depending on design). From our experience, before installation can start, planning and city approval can take up to 3 months.

What are the differences between a 3 Season and All-Season Sunroom?

Three Season Sunrooms:

  • 2″ aluminum framing with 2″ wall board
  • Single glazed windows
  • Can be heated up most days of the year, but it is not efficient to maintain this all year round.

All Season Sunrooms:

  • Maintains heat all year round and is more efficient to heat
  • Has 3″ thermally divided aluminum frame
  • Has Thermal Double-Paned windows. This ensures that the room is optimally insulated.

What are the differences between tempered and un-tempered glass?

Tempered glass has been heat-treated and is more durable. The City of Calgary requires that all windows installed less than 24 ” off the ground must be tempered. All Desert Sun Patio windows are tempered, so we’ve got you covered.

What are the differences between Flat Pan and V-Pan roofs?

Flat Pan is a more refined aesthetic (smoother looking). Both can include skylights, be customized to scale, are weather-proof and composed of 100% aluminum.

Does my room have to have solid kick plates?

If the room is less than 24″ above the ground, we recommend a solid bottom. Solid bottoms are less costly.

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