A four season Sunroom or Solarium is an added living space that can increase property value and add year round enjoyment of your home.


A high quality Sunroom or Solarium will typically be made of tempered glass and aluminum, these are robust structures that require little to no maintenance. The tempered glass allows sunlight to pass through and will trap the heat, this creates an incredibly comfortable environment and saves energy. This also saves money on heating bills especially in the variable climate around Calgary. A Four Season enclosure is specifically one that can be used year round in complete comfort. Four season rooms and solariums are built to be heated and cooled, allowing them to be used, no matter the season or weather.


A four season Sunroom or Solarium is a versatile space. In Alberta many families will use their added Sunroom or Solarium as a beautiful social area for holidays year round, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you appreciate comfortably enjoying the beauty of the outdoors while being protected by the elements, a four season room or solarium is the right choice for you.


At Desert Sun, Sunrooms and Solariums are built with materials only manufactured in North America. The glass that is used is fully tempered top to bottom which is well above building code. The aluminum used is of the highest quality providing structural integrity and the highest resistance to chipping and fading. Once these beautiful rooms are built they are ready to enjoy for years to come without worrying about maintenance.


If you have any additional questions please call 403-692-0820, or visit Desert Sun’s beautiful showroom in Calgary to find an enclosure that suits your lifestyle and your home.

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