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There’s nothing like summer in park model homes, but how to keep cool this summer in a park model house is a question on every owner’s lips. The Calgary heat can often be overbearing, and even the best insulation in a tiny house won’t stop you from overheating. This is when you need to start thinking about using your outside space, but this too comes with its own drawbacks. Sitting outside in the middle of the heat will feel unbearable at times, which is why you need to think about adapting investing in a park model patio to make the most of your outdoor space and keep cool at the same time.

Trailer patios come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll have to work hard to find the one that matches your available space and budget. Here are three things to consider when picking your park model patio:

  1. How much room do you have? If you’re in a crowded trailer park like many on the outskirts of Calgary, you’ll be thinking more of a short patio, while as you leave the city behind, you may be able to dream of a larger deck.
  2. What is your budget? Many people choose to invest the money that they saved on park model homes by buying trailer patios that are made of more durable materials such as cedar wood. These cost more than cheaper patio woods such as pine, but they will last longer and require less yearly maintenance.
  3. What covering will you use? Patio covers are the key to keep you cool this summer in a park model. The range is wide, from a cheap awning that attaches to the outside of your home, to a lattice pergola model. Again, you’ll be constricted by your space and budget, but you’ll also need to consider the shade and cool that each covering offers.

Choosing the best option from all of the patio covers available is key to keeping cool outside this summer. Most important to consider will be the amount of shade in the heat of the day; typically this tends to be in the early afternoon. You will want to work out where the sun is over your park model patio at this time and plan to have the maximum amount of coverage there. If you’re fortunate enough to be working with a larger space, you may want to choose several smaller patio covers and have multiple seating options for you and your summer guests.

Finally, patio covers offer one unique option to help keep you cool in the hot Calgary summers: ceiling fans. Even on the most stifling of days, a ceiling fan can keep trailer patios feeling cool and fresh, allowing you to stay outside for longer. A ceiling fan will require a more expensive patio cover, however, as it will need to be able to support the heavy weight and motion of the fan.

Invest in a park model patio complete with a cover and ceiling fan and you’ll be out enjoying the Calgary sunshine all summer long!

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