A Pergola is essentially a structure, similar to a patio cover with cross rafters instead of a solid roof that proves a light, airy, open and partially shaded space underneath. Pergolas are primarily used to cover a space, but can have many other uses such as: entrance covers, garden pieces for lattice and climbing vines, and connecting buildings or walkways. Because they’re self-supporting and free standing, they don’t need to be connected to any other structures. That being said, Pergolas can be placed almost anywhere you’d want one. Pergolas are a structure that can look amazing and do it all.


Some of the Benefits to having a Pergola in Alberta Include:


Freestanding design:

A Pergola can be constructed anywhere you’d want to have one. The freestanding nature of a Pergola can bring shade, create a space and give a classy look to any area you desire. From having one with planters or vines growing over a Pergola in the garden to having one on your patio, a Pergola can make the perfect touch to your yard in Calgary.


Space Efficient:

Given that a Pergola is a freestanding structure, you can put one wherever you want it to maintain as much space as possible in your yard. It creates an area to protect you and your outdoor furniture from the elements without the use of a bulky dedicated space. Pergolas can also be moved and repositioned with very little effort making them the best option for those that often like to change the layout of their outdoor space.


Available Pre Made or Manufactured:

Some people like tackling DIY projects in their home, some do not. For both groups of people, Pergolas are available premade as a whole or pre-manufactured so you can assemble one as your next DIY Project. Both formats are available to suit the customer’s transport or assembly needs.



The Looks:

Pergolas are a timeless addition to your yard. There are many design options to choose from to better suit your space. From traditional designs to more modern ones, Pergolas can be the added touch that makes your yard look amazing.


Add Value to your Home:

Pergolas can actually effectively add value to your home if executed correctly. They make an excellent cover to entrances as well as a decorative patio cover or yard decoration. They do a great job of filling or covering an other wise unprotected space. When it comes time to sell, a potential buyer will always try to picture what it’s like to live in a given space. A Pergola could be the added touch that seals the deal.

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  1. My wife and I have been thinking about getting a pergola, but we haven’t really known if it would be a good fit. I liked that you had mentioned that they can be very space efficient and give you a lot of room in your outdoor spaces. We’ll have to start looking around for pergolas in the area, especially since we’ll be able to get a lot more space out of our backyard.

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