Updating your home? You’re probably anticipating a lot of spending (and perhaps even more effort) coming your way soon. But as you navigate the world of home repairs and maintenance, you’re probably wondering – is it more prudent to be thrifty or better to splurge on higher quality? 

At Desert Sun Patios, we believe it’s all about a happy medium. Below, we outline which projects to DIY and which ones it’s worth calling the pros in for. Let’s get into it.

Start by DIYing the Small Fixes

Did you know that 47% of homeowners opt to DIY their home projects? Yep, DIYing repairs, fixes, and minor maintenance upkeeps aren’t quite as complicated as you may think. Below, we outline some of the more straightforward DIY projects every homeowner should have in their toolkit.

Testing Monitors and Smoke Detectors

Testing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are an absolute must. Monitors need to be in excellent working order for safety and health concerns and thus require regular testing. Luckily, it’s an easy DIY fix as all you need is a ladder (and maybe some batteries). Simply access your detectors, and press the test button. Any loud sound means it’s time to change the batteries. Do this monthly, and you’re good to go!

Fixing Toilets

Modern toilets are engineered to withstand a lot of pressure and rarely need to be fixed by a technician or professional. Most toilet problems stem from a broken handle, old fill valve, or broken flapper. Purchase these parts at any hardware store, and open your tank. You’ll need to shut off the water supply and empty the tank before getting to work. However, leaks are a little more complicated – so you may want to bring in a professional for that one.

Patching Holes

Nail holes and cracks in the wall can make your paint job look old and outdated. Combat this with a spackle knife to spread lightweight putty into the holes. Scrape the excess off, wait for it to dry, and then sandpaper the spot. You could also prime and paint the patched hole if you want to go the extra mile. Of course, having the right tools is essential for DIY projects, so some basics you should invest in are a tape measure, hammer, drill, and screwdriver. Check out this handy list by Craftsman Protocols for more critical DIY tools!

When to Call the Pros In

It’s almost always better to call the pros in for larger projects that require complex skills and technical know-how. Below are some important home projects you should invest in. 

Patio, Deck, and Sunroom Installations

This one is apparent, but the breadth of these projects is likely beyond the skills of the average homeowner. Hiring professionals like those at Desert Sun Patios will offer you a greater return on investment because your sunroom or deck installation will stand the test of time and withstand weather and other wear and tear.

Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are ugly and outdated- but they may be bringing your home’s appraisal value down as well, Homelight writes. But removing these ceilings yourself can be messy and complicated. The ceiling needs to be softened with an agent and scraped off – which can create holes and divots that will need to be repaired, dried, and sanded. Remember – all this work is overhead and vertical, which adds a whole different level of complexity. Definitely hire a pro for this one.

Basement Renovations

Basement remodelling projects have many different moving parts which can be challenging to coordinate and set up. There will likely need to be room demolition, framing, electrical work, insulation, and plumbing. Hiring qualified professionals will take the headache out of the process, keep you within budget and increase the quality of your entire project. 

Ultimately, whether you DIY or hire a professional – it all comes down to priorities. There will be tradeoffs to make in terms of time, money, and budget, so go with the option that best appeals to the maintenance project at hand. You’ve got this!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to bring the outdoors in this year, opt for a sunroom. At Desert Sun Patios, we’re all about creating a warm, peaceful oasis in your home that is both welcoming and bright. Click here to get a free estimate for your space, or reach out for more information today!

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