It’s often joked that there are four different seasons in Alberta; getting ready for winter, winter, still winter and recovering from winter. While this is obviously tongue in cheek, Calgary residents know how frustrating the seemingly perpetual snow and ice can be, especially when you’ve got to go about your daily business. There are some Calgary homes that have a garage to protect them and their vehicles from the worst of winter, but for many people, they simply don’t have the space to install a full garage on their property. A garage also comes with a high price tag; it requires foundations, connecting to your home’s electricity and will add to your home’s tax value as it counts as an extra room. For those looking to protect themselves and their vehicles, a carport is a great option.

What is a carport?

You’ll have seen carports springing up all over the city. They are covered structures that typically sit somewhere on your driveway to protect your cars. Many people choose to install them next to their house where there is an external side door, and in these cases the carport attaches directly to the house and is supported on the other side with metal poles. If you don’t have an useful external door or your driveway is out front, you can build a free standing carport that will protect your cars.

How a carport saves you time

Not only do carports add value to your home as they provide extra storage and some summer shade, but they also help to save you time:

  • No winter clear up – the biggest way that a carport saves you time is by keeping the worst of the winter weather away from your vehicle. While carports typically have open sides, they will protect your car from snowy build ups in big storms, and often block the coldest temperatures from icing over your vehicle overnight. This means that you’ll be able to get straight in and on your way each morning. 
  • Less snow to clear – another way that carports are time savers is that they cover up a good sized portion of your driveway, especially if you get a double carport. This means that there is considerably less snow to shovel or blow in the mornings. 
  • Everything in one place – finally, a carport has many of the same benefits as a full garage in terms of storage. You can mount hanging pegs on the poles for shovels and windscreen scrapers, as well as keeping your buckets of salt and sand outside so that all of your morning chores can be completed from one simple stop. 

Installing a Desert Sun Patios carport is incredibly easy, and can be done at any time of year, though many Calgary residents choose to do it as part of their getting ready for winter preparations. There are a wide variety of design and size options, so start saving time today by calling into our Calgary showroom.

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